Passion for Quality and Sustainability

Ludwig Schletter has been a pioneer and household name in the solar industry for more than 25 years, both nationally and internationally.

Not only did he revolutionize the solar market, he also proved his innovative strength time and time again.

His decades of experience in product development and his high-quality standard are recognizable in all his racking solutions.

Ludwig Schletter: „Renewable energy is my passion. In the past as in the present, this is my motivation to develop smart racking solutions.

With SL Rack GmbH, Ludwig Schletter consequently continues on his path.

His mission: creating innovative products for anybody who is active in climate change, whether it be experts in the renewables field, solar developers or installers.

SL Rack GmbH is constantly improving existing and developing new racking solutions to simplify the installation process. We pride ourselves on excellent customer support, before and after the sale.


Ludwig Schletter