Installation at turbo speed

In addition to two different installation methods on the roof, the SL Alu Multi Hook also allows for precise height adjustments. Pre-assembled components as well as the optional potential equalization clamp ensure an overall quick and easy installation.

Advantages and multiple benefits
for pv projects

  • Extreme flexibility – a roof hook that attaches with or without screws

  • Double height adjustability

  • Extremely slim design eliminates the need for tile cutting

  • Can also be used with bonded concrete roof tiles

  • Efficient positioning of the roof hook

  • Optimal load distribution due to wide support on the roof tile

  • Risk of tile breakage reduced to a minimum

  • Convenience of installation

  • Compatible with SL Rack RAILs as well as competitor’s products

  • Easy grounding with Potential Equalization Clamp

  • Corrosion and UV-resistant

Installation video

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Optional Potential Equalization Clamp
for SL Alu Multi Hook

  • Easy grounding with Potential Equalization Clamp
    => Suitable to connect to lightning protection systems