SL Rack Pitched Roof Systems

High Quality. Well Thought-Out. Great Value.

Thanks to a broad product portfolio, technical know-how and many years of experience, SL Rack can offer you the appropriate solution for any roof type! All components, from roof hook to the unique Alpha-Plate, are developed in Bavaria with the highest precision, and produced almost exclusively in Germany and Europe.

Whether tiled roof, trapezoidal sheet metal roof or standing seam: Our racking solutions for pitched roofs offer high quality, stability and a quick and easy installation.

Give us a try, let us convince you of the long-lasting quality of SL Rack products.

SL Rack Alpha-Platte

The unique SL Rack Alpha-Plate has been designed for pitched roofs and can substitute almost any type of tile.


  • Universal roof replacement panel for almost any type of tile and roof pitch
  • Up to 60% reduction of roof attachments
  • Suitable for high snow loads (up to 1500 kg)
  • Mechanical cutting unnecessary; no more broken tiles!
  • Quick and easy installation with only one tool: Torx TX40
  • Sealed with a riveted rubber sleeve, made of UV-resistant EPDM
  • Sides of the panel are raised at the edge to ensure water-tightness
  • Wind calmed zones are created in the corrugated depressions; this allows the water to flow straight downwards
  • Available in brick red (similar to RAL 8004) and anthracite (similar to RAL 7016)

SL Rack Roof Hooks

With our roof hooks you can install solar systems on all types of popular tile roofs. Take our roof hook Vario SL-Alu for example: The height adjustability makes this roof hook very flexible in adapting to the roof surface, without the need for shims. The wide base allows for an optimal lateral positioning.


  • High flexibility – works for most types of tile roofs
  • Quick and easy installation, including height and lateral adjustability
  • Light construction – 100% aluminum

SL Rack Trapez I – V

The TRAPEZ attachment adjusts flexibly to the geometry of the trapezoidal sheet. The pre-installed EPDM rubber ensures a waterproof connection.


  • Flexible adjustment to the trapezoidal sheet geometry
  • Quick and easy installation
  • High-quality materials

SL Rack Standing Seam Clamps

Proven racking solutions for one of the most popular roof types, standing seam.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • High-quality materials

SL Rack Module Mounting Rails -RAIL 7/35/40/60/120

Easy to handle, stackable and available in various length: our RAIL – module mounting rails.


  • Deep top rail channel (only one screw length/claw height necessary)
  • Compatible with other racking systems on the market
  • Available in various length and black anodization

SL Rack Connectors

The SL Rack External Connector RAIL is compatible with all our profiles as well as most rails on the market. The SL Rack Internal Connector RAIL 2.0 is available for our best sellers, RAIL 40 and RAIL 60.


  • 100% pre-installed
  • Only one tool required: Torx TX40
  • Static characteristic values of the respective rails remain

SL Rack Module Mounting Rail ES

Our insertion system has been specifically designed for a fast and therefore cost-efficient assembly.


  • Black anodized insertion system for an appealing look
  • Inserts available to compensate for different module heights

SL Rack Mid and End Clamps

Only 2 Module Clamps for ALL Systems!

With our universal module clamp „Vario“ you can install solar modules with a frame height of 30-50 mm quickly and safely. One-size mid and end clamps simplify warehousing significantly and the installers always have the correct clamp at hand. The mid clamp is also available with a grounding pin for potential equalization.


  • Convenient top-down installation
  • Pre-assembled, no loose parts, even when uninstalling a clamp
  • Only one tool necessary: Torx TX40
  • For frame heights 30-50 mm, optional incl. grounding pin
  • 70 mm clamp length ensures safe installation
  • Also available in black anodization

SL Rack Special Fasteners


  • Universal mounting of profiles
  • Waterproof connection to various roof types, e.g. tin or bitumen
  • Attaches to wood structures

SL Rack Accessories

We offer a variety of convenient accessories.